Electronic Assembly

Assembly Workstation

We've assembled the optimal solutions for electronic assembly.

Whether you're assembling circuit boards or performing box build, whether your assembly tasks involve small- or medium-sized parts, Lista has the workstation to maximize your productivity. Our workstation solutions enhance precision, efficiency and ESD protection of sensitive components.

Custom Workstations
All Purpose Arlink® 7000 workbench

"Four on the floor" benches provide greater versatility because they can be tailored to fit your needs.

adjustable workstation
Align® adjustable height workstations

Versatile height-adjustable workstation is easily repositioned according to task or user preference.

technical furniture
Technical furniture

Configure our technical workstations to exactly suit your task, with ample access to power and storage.

reconfigurable workstation
Arlink® 8000 workstations

Easily reconfigurable Arlink® 8000 workstations can be adapted to suit almost any assembly task.

above worksurface accessories
Nexus and VSI accessory systems

Highly functional and flexible collections of above-worksurface accessories and modular components.

workstation with ESD protection
Complete ESD solutions

Features such as static dissipative worksurfaces, ESD paint, grounding accessories, grounding blocks and static-safe storage boxes help ensure a static-free environment.