LAN / Computer

LAN and computer repair workstations

The perfect solutions for LAN and computer furniture needs.

The Arlink® 8000 family of computer furniture provides a cost-effective and efficient method of organizing network, test, programming, repair, classroom or analytical equipment.

A variety of different module sizes may be interconnected in any combination to achieve the perfect layout for your application. The system’s design also accommodates technicians, operators, or system administrators who need personal work space while simultaneously housing all associated equipment.

The Arlink® 8000’s design enables easy adjustment to achieve sound ergonomic configurations, reducing strain, fatigue and workplace injuries, while providing a highly productive working environment.

computer workstation split bay station
Split bay station

Adds flexibility by providing independently configurable bays.

Computer workstation horizontal and vertical wire managers
Horizontal and vertical wire managers

Controls wiring and cables, provides easy access for re-routing and clean, orderly appearance.

19" rack mount brackets
19" rack mount brackets

Mount hubs, patch panels or routers confidently and safely.

computer workstation corner work shelf
Corner work shelf

Accommodates monitors and other equipment.

Computer workstation flat panel monitor arm
Flat panel monitor arm

Provides easily adjustable support for flat panel monitors.

Computer workstation mobile server shelf
Mobile server shelf

Stores tower units or other heavy equipment at floor level, on rollers, for easy access.

Computer workstation mobile rack shelf
Mobile rack shelf

Mobile shelf mounted assembly accommodates 19” rack mount equipment.