Parts Storage / Kitting

Parts Storage Flow Racks

Rely on our solutions for storing and kitting parts.

Lista can help assembly operations achieve lean goals with its line of parts storage and kitting solutions. When applying lean principles (no wasted motion or materials, with excess materials stored at workspace), companies utilize Lista products to conveniently store and kit individual items right at the point of use, instead of picking and packing those individual items as orders are received.

workstation with flow rack
Flow racks

For gravity feed and point of use storage, our flow racks are a highly configurable solution, offering easy integration with workstations.

storage wall system
Storage Wall® systems

From the smallest parts to the largest work in process, the unique Storage Wall® system stores it all in a logical, easily accessible manner.

Lista Nexus parts trolley with bin boxes
Mobile parts storage

Mobile trolleys and bin trolleys help boost productivity and efficiency with size-appropriate storage-on-the-go.

static parts storage
Static parts storage

Our stationary parts stands can be configured to hold a variety of smaller parts and supplies, and are easily integrated with workstations.

ESD parts storage cabinets
ESD parts storage cabinets

Safely store static sensitive components in our high-density, highly configurable ESD storage solutions.