Progressive Assembly

Conveyor Workstation

Build on our solutions for progressive assembly.

Lista’s conveyor workstation and material handling solutions provide cost-effective, high-efficiency workflow management throughout your entire production stream, between automatic machines and in operations including manual assembly, inspection, testing, rework and packaging. Our conveyor workstations’ ergonomic design features reduce strain, fatigue and workplace injuries, while providing a highly productive working environment.

Whether your application calls for an edge rail conveyor, belt conveyor, roller conveyor, or some other type, it can be integrated with our workstation systems. You can also combine conveyors with ball transfer tables when working with pallets or heavy objects in sub-assembly or box build operations.

Our extensive experience in integrating conveyors with workstations enables us to solve almost any integration challenge. 

See a photo gallery of our solutions for integrating Lista workstations with conveyors.

workstation with conveyor
Conveyor solutions

Available with supplied conveyor or easily integrated with the conveyor of your choice.

progressive assembly systems
Slide line solutions

Progressive assembly systems are available in either shelf-mount or bench top configurations, for transport of circuit boards or other panelized items.

material transfer worksurface
Material transfer worksurface

Choose from a wide variety of material transfer worksurfaces, including ball transfer, pop up balls, pop up pads and roller inserts.