electronic repair workbench

Power up with Lista electronic repair workstations.

Our sleek, sophisticated technical furniture offers customizable features to suit any electronic repair environment. Our modular approach, with flexible standard components, ESD protection and accessory options both above and below the worksurface, leads to greater productivity and efficiency.

above worksurface shelving
Above-worksurface shelving options

Regardless of what you’re storing above the benchtop, Lista has a versatile shelving solution to handle the load.

static dissipative worksurfaces
Worksurface options

Choose from static dissipative worksurfaces for electronic repair to heavy-duty butcher block, plastic laminate, and a host of other options.

high-turnover storage
Storage solutions for work in process

From shelf cabinets, Storage Wall® systems, hinged door cabinets and more, we have the appropriate storage solution for high-turnover storage.

mobile workstations

Virtually all of our workstations can be configured with casters, so your work can move wherever you need it to.