Work Cells

configurable workstations

The workspace solution for cellular manufacturing.

When ease of changeover and a wide variety of configurations is needed, Lista’s Arlink® 8000 workstations are the obvious choice. With their easy reconfigurability, they can be altered for multiple functions and changes in your workflow. This enduring adaptability means that you’ll have a cost-effective solution for all your cellular manufacturing needs, now and in the future.

inline workstations
Multilple configurations

Design multiple workstations in inline, U, L, T and X configurations for maximum flexibility and enhanced productivity.

workstation micro and macro slots

Our Definite Positioning System™ allows easy, secure placement and reconfiguration of accessories, so your system grows and changes with your needs.

listaworks design software
Complimentary design services

Our free ListaWorks™ design services provide you with surveys, designs and above all, our years of expertise and experience.

small footprint workstation
Small footprint

The Arlink 8000® workstation, with available heights up to 84”, allows you to use vertical space to add functionality to your workstation, saving space and money.

mobile workstations

Virtually all of our workstations can be configured with casters, so your work can move wherever you need it to.