Adjustable Height Workstation

Lista workspace designs use ergonomic principles to minimize injuries and maximize productivity.

Twisting, lifting, bending, reaching – these movements can waste time and put unnecessary stress on your workers. Repetitive motion injuries and other work-related musculoskeletal conditions drive workers' compensation costs up and productivity down. That's why Lista is passionate about workspace design using ergonomic principles to minimize the risk of injuries while maximizing production throughput.

Just as each job is different, so is each worker. Lista has a full range of ergonomic solutions that match the worker and the environment.

adjustable workstation
Align® adjustable height workstations

Versatile height-adjustable workstation is easily repositioned according to task or user preference.

reconfigurable workstation
Arlink® 8000 workstations

Easily reconfigurable Arlink® 8000 workstations can be adapted to suit almost any assembly task.

Arlink® 8000 accessory system
Integrated accessory systems

A wide range of accessories includes articulating arms that position process components within easy reach.

Lista ergonomic storage products
Ergonomic storage products

Full-extension drawers give access to a storage drawer's complete contents while roll-out trays make reaching bulky items stored at the back of the tray stress-free.