Above-Worktop Accessories

Lista Nexus Accessory System

Lista has the above worktop accessories to help you work better, faster and more comfortably. From lights to shelves to markerboards, Lista offers a full array of modular accessories that makes your workstation work harder and lets you work easier. Enhance ergonomics and increase task efficiency with cost-effective solutions that customize your work area for enhanced productivity and organization.

Choose from our Vertical Space Integrator (VSI) System, which is based on our Arlink® 8000 workbench accessories or our Nexus system, a comprehensive system of above-worksurface accessories. Either offers highly-customized, ergonomic solutions for a variety of tasks.

See a photo gallery of our Nexus Accessory System.

VSI Accessory System
VSI – Arlink® 8000 system accessories

Allows use of a full range of Arlink® 8000 system accessories to increase the utility of your workbenches.

VSI Accessory System steel columns
VSI – High-strength steel columns

Made of high-strength, cold rolled steel, the system's columns provide maximum structural integrity.

VSI Accessory System back-to-back configuration
VSI – Variety of configurations

Use on single workstations mounted in series, or back-to-back for flexible configurations that allow customized layouts.

VSI Accessory System accessories
VSI – Interchangeable accessories

Interchangeability of accessories across a broad range of workspace products simplifies facilities management, lowers procurement costs.

VSI Accessory System with conveyor integration
VSI – Conveyor integration

Enhances productivity and ergonomic safety in warehousing, packing and similar applications on a conveyor or production line.

Nexus Accessory System accessories
Nexus – A wide range of accessories

Choose from an incredible selection, including shelves, lighting, power, tool rails, bin holders, overhead cabinets and monitor arms.

Nexus Accessory System accessories
Nexus – Modular design

Can easily be adapted or expanded to meet changing needs.

Nexus Accessory System accessories
Nexus – Accessories can be repositioned

Reposition for different users for maximum ergonomic comfort.

Nexus Accessory System tilting accessories
Nexus – Many accessories tilt and articulate

Provides greater comfort and ease of use.

Nexus Accessory System with ESD paint and accessories
Nexus – Available with ESD paint

All components can be finished with ESD paint, making them perfect for static sensitive applications.