Technical Workstations

Technical electronic workstations

A modular approach is the key to getting the versatile technical workstation you need. Lista's sleek, sophisticated technical workstations offer customizable features to suit any assembly, repair or R&D environment. Our modular approach, with flexible standard components and accessory options both above and below the worksurface, leads to greater productivity and efficiency.

See a photo gallery of our technical furniture and workstations.

Lista technical furniture
Ergonomic design

For easy, safe ergonomic access with a minimum of stress and strain.

Lista technical furniture stationary riser shelf
Choice of benchtop accessories

Above-worksurface accessories for greater productivity and efficiency.

Lista technical furniture instrument riser shelf
Built-in electrical power supply

Power where you need it.

Lista technical furniture plastic laminate worksurface
Variety of available worksurfaces

Choose from plastic laminate, static dissipative laminate, stainless steel, phenolic resin, butcher block and more.

Lista flush drawer handles
Flush drawer handles

Provides improved safety and appearance.

Customizable drawer compartments
Customizable drawer compartments

Gives you superior organization and faster retrieval.

Lista drawer storage cabinet workbench pedestal
Choice of pedestal sizes and styles

Customize drawer storage to your work environment.

Lista workbench leg leveling glides
Easy-access leveling adjustments

Your worksurface is always level.

workstation with ESD protection
Complete ESD solutions

Features such as static dissipative worksurfaces, ESD paint, grounding accessories, grounding blocks and static-safe storage boxes help ensure a static-free environment.